Believing community involvement

We believe that Yeshua (Jesus) only has one ‘body’ – the church.  Beit Ezra is just one part of the body and we are related to all other believing communities.

While in Israel we became part of Towards Jerusalem Council II, a body set up to seek reconciliation between Jewish and gentile believers in the Messiah.  We have retained that initiative following our move to Plymouth.

Churches Together in Plymouth (CTiP)

Better church together – an emphasis on the oneness of the body.  Beit Ezra joined CTiP in 2011 and are clearly listed as part of the sider faith community.  David served for some years as the CTiP treasurer.

Unity Festival

The festival, now renamed uFest  is a family, cross community event supported by local churches, businesses, community groups and musicians. Beit Ezra has been involved from 2011 when the founders moved to Plymouth.  We represented both the the Beit Ezra Messianic congregation and the reconciliation activity of TJCII

Engage Church While we are independent, we have a strong relation with Engage.  They support Beit Ezra by allowing us to use their premises and have advised us regarding our constitution and our approach to the Charities Commission.  We reciprocate in some part by providing some technical support.  Pray Plymouth We join with a number of other believers from many other congregations on a Wednesday morning to pray for the City of Plymouth. We have speakers from the various churches as well as Council officials, the police, and the various faith community organizations.

Plymouth feeds the hungry and homeless  is a facebook page outlining a Plymouth  network that raises awareness and supports the homeless and less fortunate people in the Plymouth area.

Ecumenical Bible Study

This is a small group that meets at the Catholic Cathedral. David has been invited several times to lead this group.

Plymouth Faiths Group

We were invited last year to speak to this group about Messianic Judaism. The meeting was very well attended and we have been invited back.