About Us

Beit Ezra Messianic Congregation is registered with the Charities Commission 1177526

The declared objects of Beit Ezra Messianic Congregation are, for the public benefit, to advance Messianic
Judaism, mainly but not exclusively in Plymouth by the provision of public worship and information.

To meet these objects we aim;

To provide a place of worship patterned on the bible, both the tanach (Old Testament) and the brit hadasha (New Testament);

to provide a safe, none coercive and none threatening environment for Jewish and gentile enquirers into the Jewish roots of Christianity;

to co-operate with other charitable organisations in social and charitable activities.


The leadership team consists of:

David and Jennie Wright. 

Arvids and Oksana Gursuis.


David Wright

Jonathan  Dowding

Alan Newcombe