We teach and emphasize that ‘ALL All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable (essential)  for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness’ (II Timothy 3:16); this was written when the only scripture was what is now called the Old Testament (better Old Covenant).  We teach that all scripture, old and new covenant writings are consistent.  Both are needed.  We encourage the reading of  the Torah portion during the week, and expand on some of the concepts during our worship service.

We also teach on topics, narratives and themes from both scriptures   Sometimes we provide a single teaching from the regular Torah portion as expanded and illustrated throughout scripture.

In all these times of teaching we are open to questions and further discussion.

We do provide lessons on Biblical Hebrew on a regular basis, usually once each year.  These are over a 20-22 week period.  No fee is charged but we do appreciate financial support.

Here is a list of the Torah_Portions_5778_v3_Web