Our main weekly meeting is on a Shabbat (Saturday) between 4pm and 6pm at ‘Engage’ on St Levan Road, Plymouth, PL2 3BG (map below_

We celebrate the New Moon (Rosh chodesh) with an informal communal meal beginning with the bread and wine, the traditional symbols of the death of Yeshua, and with the shofar symbolising resurrection and new life.

We celebrate the main Jewish feasts (as did Yeshua) following the Jewish calendar.

There is adequate free car parking at the ‘Engage’ site and the building has disabled access ramps and an internal wheelchair lift.

Visiting using public transport?  On bus routes 10, 11, 12, 16, 46, 50, 51 disembark at the ‘Queens House’ bus stop.  Using bus route 33, the bus stop is right opposite ‘Engage’ adjacent to the Job Centre by the roundabout.

We do not ‘have it all’ or ‘know it all’ but we remain teachable without compromise and willing to enter into meaningful discussions.

Our meetings may not look like ‘church’, but then, neither do we look like a synagogue!   Although we operate with over-site by a recognised teacher, we have a discussion time where everyone has a right to ask questions and to state their view on areas that may be under discussion.  Teaching, sharing and questioning  is an integral part of the worship of a congregation.


Our meetings are open to all, however, we do require respect if there are diverse opinions. We have firm beliefs in several areas but welcome all whether they may agree with us or disagree.

We have no restrictions on those who have different faiths or who of different ethnicity or who have different sexual preferences.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Children and Adults

Our safeguarding policy has been prepared in accordance with the principles contained in the official government guidelines Safe from Harm (Home Office 1993) (England).

Please see our noticeboard for contacts

Enhanced Disclosures are in place for those with a substantial degree of contact with children (supervised or unsupervised) such as teaching, supervising, training or providing advice/guidance on well-being.

We are registered with the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service. Link