Wider community involvement

It is both a Jewish and a church ethic that we are here to serve.  Beit Ezra has been, and continues to be involved in the local community


Affordable Homes

We have an ongoing  activity investigating the provision of quality affordable housing using container based facilities. Significant funding is available to providing the housing and we have visited the housing manufacturer .  We still need to find a suitable site, but a meeting with Plymouth City Council  may prove helpful.  These short term investigations do need a modicum of financial support.



Neighbourhood Watch

Working together with local Councillors, the police and Plymouth City Council we respond to requests for help and advice from local residents on issues such as noise, speeding vehicles, fly tipping, litter, road maintenance, inconsiderate parking, and more.

Redeeming our Community

Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) was launched in the North West in September 2004 by Debra Green.  She had been coordinating inter-church meetings across the Greater Manchester region for a number of years, and had also been developing links with members of the police force

The fruit of this meeting was significant- relationships between the church and police in the city began to develop in a new way.   Plymouth was one of the many cities that have learnt from the experience in Manchester and ‘Redeeming Our Communities’ is now firmly established in Plymouth

Police Chaplaincy

After strict vetting and training David was appointed as the chaplain at Charles Cross Police station in Plymouth.  Police chaplains are a non-judgemental, listening ear for anyone in the station including officers, staff, volunteers and also the family members of those serving in the police.

Hospital Pastoral visitor

NHS Derriford Chaplaincy have a trained pastoral team who visit the wards every week. We have good contacts with the local community and further afield and can contact local faith community leaders or anyone else who you would wish to come and give you the support you are looking for.

Transforming Plymouth Together

Charity Number – 1166026  Company Number – 9716832

Transforming Plymouth Together (TPT) aims to address issues related to poverty and inequality which matters to the people to Plymouth, through informal community work and community development initiatives..Beit Ezra is actively exploring one possible initiative

Plymouth Centre for Faith and Cultural Diversity

Plymouth Centre for Faiths and Cultural Diversity (PCFCD) has successfully created thousands of opportunities for children and young people to meet speakers from a variety of faiths and cultural backgrounds in schools and other settings.  These encounters allow children to experience the reality of religion as a way of living life and identify the values that all religions teach, thus enabling schools to address the statutory requirements of the 2014 “Engaging With Religion and World Views” Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, through lively and creative learning.  David Wright is one of these speakers.

Horizons is a registered Children’s Sailing Charity with the aim to help disadvantaged and disabled children from the inner city communities of Plymouth.